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Second Leagues is a website that offers expert football predictions, news, reviews, guides, and much more content on the topic of second tiers of soccer. Here, you can easily follow the most interesting matches, learn how to analyze them and place successful bets using the advice of our experts. In addition, we give you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the real, atmospheric football of the second divisions, where a real battle often takes place and the intrigue lasts until the last second. However, if you’re here, you probably already know all of this very well. So you can read on or find your favorite league, pick a match, and start winning with our predictions.

Now You Found It – The Best Football Prediction Site

This may be about us someday. 🙂 At least, we hope so and are trying very hard to achieve this result. And first of all, positive feedback from readers makes us realize that we are moving in the right direction.

The modern online market of soccer picks and betting tips is quite large, but there is very little really good content dedicated to the lower tiers of football. That is why the Second Leagues project was founded, which does its best not only to be considered one of the best football prediction sites but also to be a source of interesting information.

Our goal is to popularize soccer’s second divisions and show its interest to fans of all football competitions. We understand that this is where the real football takes place and is definitely worth watching. That’s why we do our best to make our materials interesting and useful, as well as to help users feel the whole atmosphere. We hope that we cope with this task.

But Why Only Second Divisions?

Yes, yes, we are well aware that after looking through our sections, the question arises: “What the hell? Why do they make soccer predictions for only 2nd divisions? Where is my favorite Premier League?”. The thing is that top league matches have long since become less interesting and predictable. Modern football, so to speak, is more about expensive transfers and predictable results, and the real magic, in our opinion, happens in the second divisions.

The popularity of the second-tier teams in the world is not fairly low. However, these teams have strong home fan support, and their matches are often more interesting than the games of top clubs. So, we are very pleased that we have chosen free soccer predictions for the lower division as the theme of the site. It not only gives us pleasure from the process of analyzing and writing them but also allows us to demonstrate our expertise fully.

Unfortunately, we do not write about all the leagues. We would like to, but it is physically impossible for a small newsroom like ours. Also massive content marketing often leads to a decrease in quality, and we definitely cannot allow this! So, after weighing and analyzing everything well, we decided to focus our attention on the football leagues in which we have the best expertise, namely:

But we are not going to limit ourselves to just two leagues. We plan to explore football in other countries and create relevant content for fans. So stay tuned for more updates and write in with your suggestions on which leagues you’d like to see here as well. Your feedback will definitely influence our choice.

News, predictions and match more at

Here, we make different content for all football fans. Although we focus only on second divisions, we try to cover this topic as widely and interestingly as possible. What is important is that at you will find not just dry analysis and unconfirmed numbers. Our content is always detailed and reasoned information from which the user can learn everything he needs.

Despite the fact that the main topic of the site is football predictions, we are not going to limit ourselves to one type of content. Our knowledge and experience allow us to create different types of materials, and the main thing is to make them interesting. In particular, on Second Leagues you can find:

  • News from the second football divisions;
  • Match previews;
  • Review of top matches;
  • Expert predictions;
  • Guides and betting tips;
  • Online sportsbook reviews.

For convenient navigation, we have divided the site into various sections. No matter what type of content you’re looking for, as long as it’s about second divisions of soccer, you’ll definitely find it here. Just browse the site menu or use the search field.

Free Football Betting Tips With No Limits

Another feature and advantage of the Second Leagues project is completely free football tips and predictions. That’s a little bit sad but we believe in our goals and are ready to work for interested soccer fans.

We do not have any restrictions, commissions, or premium picks – this is the principled position of our team. Being true to our goals, we understand that paid content will not contribute much to popularizing the second tiers of soccer and, therefore, will not make sense.

Our authors work exclusively on a voluntary basis, and all support for the site is provided exclusively by donations from our readers. This allows us to remain objective and create free football predictions and other related content.

Soccer predictions and features of naming

We know how important it is to be flexible for worldwide content distribution. That’s why we try to use different names for our favorite sports. For example, you will see the term ‘soccer prediction’ that serves as a benchmark for Americans to identify which sport the article is about. What can we say about the Netherlands league, which has 4 different names…

So don’t be surprised when you see different ways of using both the sport and different leagues. It’s not a mistake, it’s just an attempt to be clear to the maximum number of people.

How To Be Aware Of All The Events Of The Second Football Leagues

We know how important it is to receive football predictions on time. That’s why we offer you a number of simple solutions to help you stay up to date.

Everything is simple here:

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Second Leagues is a resource that tries to be as close to its users as possible and share content wherever it may be of interest. So follow our updates and suggest your options for receiving news. We are here to hear you and help you make a really winning bet with the best free soccer predictions for your favorite leagues.